Distance Learning

Fraud and Abuse Educational Call (May 2019)

Time: 12:00-12:30 PM Eastern (30 minutes)
Format: Educational Call

Why group purchasing organization (GPO)s are important in health care delivery
- Manufacturer perspective
- Health System perspective

What is a Group purchasing organization (GPO)?

Group purchasing organization (GPO) safe harbor under the Anti-kickback Statute

Recent OIG Advisory Opinions Muddy the Waters

Themes, Considerations and Complications

Where are we now?

This webinar will take a deeper look at the existing GPO safe harbor under the Anti-kickback Statute and the role of GPOs  primarily from the manufacturer's perspective.  The presentation will discuss the details of the 3 recent OIG opinions granting non-wholly-owed GPO-like structures a favorable opinion nothwithstanding the fact that the requestor does not meet all of the requirements of the safe harbor.  Common themes between the different OIG opinions will be examined and then conclude with consideration of the current status of the GPO safe harbor.

Note: No CLE offered for this course.

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Content Lead:

  • Fraud and Abuse Practice Group

Stefanie McNamara

Senior Counsel

Johnson & Johnson
Piscataway, NJ

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