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2019 Fair Market Value Webinar Series, Part IV - Listen With a Colleague

The “Listen with a Colleague" option allows multiple registrants from the same organization and location to participate in the webinar at a discounted rate. It may ONLY be used if at least one person from your organization and location has registered at the regular/full webinar registration rate. Please note that those who register under the reduced “Listen with a Colleague" rate must access the webinar from the same location and computer as the full-priced registrant they are registered under.

The “Listen with a Colleague" option is continuing legal education (CLE) credit-eligible. In order to obtain a certificate of completion for submission to a state CLE accrediting body, those registered under this option must obtain the attendance verification code—which will be displayed at a random time during the webinar—and enter that code under “Verification Code for Live Webinar" section of the webinar description webpage. Please note that each registrant must submit a complete evaluation from their individual accounts to obtain a certificate of completion.

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Time: 2:00-3:30 PM Eastern (90 minutes)
Session Format: Listen With a Colleague
CLE Credit Available:  Yes

Topic: An Exploration of FMV Issues in Co-Management, Call Coverage, Administrative, and Other Specialized Physician Service Arrangements

The webinar panel will bring together top legal and valuation experts to discuss current FMV and commercial reasonableness issues impacting co-management, call coverage, administrative, and other specialized physician service arrangements. Issues covered in the webinar will include: 

  • Stark and Anti-kickback considerations affecting physician compensation arrangements; 
  • Summary of key court cases and OIG opinions; 
  • Valuation approaches and key considerations impacting co-management, call coverage, administrative/ medical director and other specialized physician service arrangements; 
  • Co-management arrangements (fee structures, value drivers, quality, compliance considerations); 
  • Call coverage arrangements (value drivers, restricted/unrestricted, excess call); and
  • Administrative or specialty arrangements (value drivers, controls, compliance).

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate 

  • AHLA Member: $99

Content Lead:

  • Fair Market Value Affinity Group

Partnering AHLA Group

  • Hospitals and Health Systems Practice Group
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