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Advanced Compliance Education Webinar Series, All Parts (Advanced)

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The Advanced Compliance Education seminars will consist of a series of advanced webinar-based panel presentations delving into complex substantive and practical issues that health care companies face in conducting an effective compliance program. This collection of advanced-level sessions are tailored to be industry-specific to allow a detailed examination of the issues that impact how compliance programs operate in different health care sectors. In addition to industry-specific topics, the webinars in this series will address cross-cutting themes, including:

  • Interacting with senior management on sensitive compliance matters;
  • How to address tough and thorny issues;
  • Hot billing and compliance areas to self-audit;
  • Auditing your compliance program's effectiveness;
  • Trends in enforcement activity (what's the next big focus area);
  • Useful tips in educating the workforce; and
  • Crisis management.

A maximum of 15 CLE credits can be earned through participation in the full ten-part series.

Series Level of Difficulty: Advanced

Advanced-level programs offer in-depth discussions regarding complex legal issues and review special nuances of a subject matter. There will be no review the fundamentals of the law, and speakers will assume the audience is very knowledgeable about this specialty of health law. This program is designed to provide a narrowed, highly technical analysis of the subject matter for those practicing health law in this specialty eight or more years and/or those whose practice consistently and intensely focused in the covered subject area.


  • Member of Sponsoring Practice Group (see "Sponsors" tab for details): $900
  • Government, Academician, Public Interest, or Solo Practitioner AHLA Member: $675
  • Student, Paralegal, or Retired AHLA Member: $450
  • Other AHLA Member: $1350
  • Non-AHLA Member: $2925
  • AHLA Member Listen with a Colleague Option (see "Listen with a Colleague" tab for details): $675
  • AHLA Non-Member Listen with a Colleague Option (see "Listen with a Colleague" tab for details): $855

Sponsoring AHLA Group:

  • Fraud and Abuse Practice Group

Co-sponsoring Practice Groups:

  • Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals Practice Group
  • Hospitals and Health Systems Practice Group
  • In-House Counsel Practice Group
  • Life Sciences Practice Group
  • Payers, Plans, and Providers Practice Group
  • Physicians and Physician Organizations Practice Group
  • Post-Acute and Long Term Services Practice Group
  • Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment Practice Group

Live Webinars

Live webinars are eligible for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit. Please refer to the Distance Learning CLE State Chart for details regarding specific state guidelines.

  • For attorneys licensed in states in which live distance learning programs are approved and AHLA possesses approved provider/sponsor status: AHLA webinars are pre-approved for CLE credit. Certificates of completion are made available immediately following the webinar upon completion of the course evaluation. Those states are: Indiana, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
  • For attorneys licensed in states in which live distance learning programs are approved and AHLA does not possess approved provider/sponsor status: participants are able to apply directly to their state accrediting body for approval for and accreditation of AHLA-sponsored webinars. The application and agenda are available for download during the live event and any time thereafter; certificates of completion are made available immediately following the webinar upon completion of the course evaluation.
  • In states in which live distance learning programs are not approved, it is still possible to obtain CLE credit by applying directly to the state's accrediting body for “self-study" credit where applicable.

Other, Non-CLE Credits

AHLA webinars are only presumptively approved for CLE credits unless otherwise stated. To obtain other credit types (Continuing Professional Education, Compliance Certification Board, Nursing Home Administrator, etc.) participants may apply directly their desired licensing body, but approval is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of said licensing body and subject to its rules and regulations.

For additional information about Distance Learning-related credits, please email the Practice Groups staff at pgsce@healthlawyers.org.

The “Listen with a Colleague" option allows multiple registrants from the same organization and location to participate in the webinar at a discounted rate. It may ONLY be used if at least one person from your organization and location has registered at the regular/full webinar registration rate. Please note that those who register under the reduced “Listen with a Colleague" rate must access the webinar from the same location and computer as the full-priced registrant they are registered under.

The “Listen with a Colleague" option is continuing legal education (CLE) credit-eligible. In order to obtain a certificate of completion for submission to a state CLE accrediting body, those registered under this option must obtain the attendance verification code—which will be displayed at a random time during the webinar—and enter that code under “Verification Code for Live Webinar" section of the webinar description webpage. Please note that each registrant must submit a complete evaluation from their individual accounts to obtain a certificate of completion.

If you have any questions about this registration option, please contact customer support.