Distance Learning

Health Information Technology/Digital Health Educational Call (May 2019)

Time: 12:00-1:00 PM Eastern (60 minutes)
Format: Educational Call
Topic: Connected devices and security

Devices that connect to the internet and computer networks are significant technological advances in health care. This presentation will address the legal issues associated with the security of connected devices that are used in health care. The topics will include an overview of the ways that connected devices are being used in health care; the risks that accompany the use of connected devices; the due diligence that is necessary for health care organizations that are considering adopting connected devices; and the legal framework that applies to connected devices in health care.

Note: No CLE offered for this course.

For access to the recording, please visit the sponsoring Practice Group page.

Content Lead:

  • Digital Health Affinity Group


  • Health Information Technology Practice Group

Gerard Nussbaum


Zarach Associates LLC
Chicago, IL

Maria Hilsmier

Chief Privacy Office/Senior Privacy Counsel

Premier Inc
Charlotte, NC

Sean Baird (Moderator)

Corporate Counsel


Patrick Alston

Director of Development Security Operations

Premier Inc.

Charlotte, NC

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