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Public/Private Partnerships 2.0: New Challenges and Opportunities in the Era of Health Care Reform, Part III (Intermediate) - On Demand Recording

Recorded On: 11/13/2017

Time: 90 minutes
Session Format: On Demand Recording

Discussion Topic:Whose Monkey (and Whose Money) is It? New Perspectives on Sovereign Immunity, Liability, Indemnification and Other Touchpoints in Public/Private Partnerships in Health Care

Part III of this five-part webinar series will examine various aspects of public/private health care partnerships, particularly the differences in immunity between public health systems, various liability and compensatory technicalities, and more.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

Intermediate-level programs generally offer focused discussions regarding common legal issues pertaining to the program topic. Intermediate programs include legal updates and changes in the law. Speakers will assume the audience has a working knowledge of this specialty of health law, and there will be limited review of the fundamentals. This program is designed to provide a targeted, comprehensive analysis of the subject matter for those practicing law in this specialty for three to seven years and/or those whose practice is periodically focused in the covered subject area.

  • AHLA Member: $145
  • Non-AHLA Member: $275

Sponsoring AHLA Group:

  • Public Health Systems Affinity Group of the Hospitals and Health Systems Practice Group
  • Business Law and Governance Practice Group
  • Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals Practice Group

Vivian Gallo

General Counsel

Halifax Health
Daytona Beach, FL

Martha R. Karam


Dallas, TX

Col. Noel C. Pace, Esq., MBA, FACHE


411th Hospital Center
Miami, FL

David A. Weil, JD, MBA (Moderator)

Vice President

Quorum Legal Services
Quorum Health Resources,
Nashville, TN

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