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The Board’s Role in Cybersecurity Oversight of a Health Care Entity (Educational Call)

Recorded On: 09/09/2015

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Time: 60 minutes
Format: Educational Call

While the frequency of data breaches resulting from cyberattacks has increased precipitously across numerous industries over the past year, health care entities have suffered an unparalleled increase in attacks. Hackers focus on hospitals and other health care organizations in part because they are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks, as the adoption of electronic health records and other technological advancements presents a greater risk of data breaches. Also, acquiring protected health information can be quite lucrative--stolen medical records can be sold for approximately $10 per record, which is ten to 20 times greater than the value of a stolen credit card. Given the increased prevalence of cyberattacks and potentially severe ramifications of a data breach, health care organizations must now consider cybersecurity a critical risk management concern. Therefore, cybersecurity should no longer be classified as simply an information technology issue; the organization's board of directors must maintain an active role in overseeing cybersecurity. This educational call will address a director's role in cybersecurity oversight and the liability directors may incur from their duty to oversee organizational cybersecurity.

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